Anna: We need to be more careful next time.

Elsa: What? Next time?? I… okay.

I love to see more silly shenanigans by these two. With Anna and her silly ideas and Elsa just agreeing to it.


My personal approach to the fic r9kElsa is Suffering by the wonderful Kate—-Kane.

No spoilers, I just made up a chapter, probably located before the story takes place. I just NEEDED some fluff out of somewhere to help me take the angst. Hope it works for all you readers too.

Also, GIFed for your pleasure and my practise.

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wow anime jesus





"Now you know, so don’t ever forget it."


Wow okay… I was not expecting so many fav/reblogs, haha. So thank you all for liking the things I posted. Here is something I worked on the past few days during my free-time. Enjoy. 


I love this! <3



In the first gif Elsa quickly looks down at Anna’s lips
just thought I’d point that out

But look at how relieved she is to hear Anna say “I love you”
She starts off confused in the third gif
Then it fades to hope
Then that face

…damn you two

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I’ll be posting the rest of the comic in like 4 or 5 days so UNTIL THEN, here’s some fun thing I did.

More Here: http://viridiancitypokecenter.tumblr.com/

A character who is familiar and unsurprising seems comfortable, believable — but not particularly interesting. A character who is unfamiliar and strange is at once attractive and repulsive, making the reader a little curious and a little afraid. We may be drawn into the story, curious to learn more, yet we will also feel a tingle of suspense, that tension that comes from the earliest stages of fear, the uncertainty of not knowing what this person will do, not knowing if we’re in danger or not.
—Orson Scott Card, Characters and Viewpoint (via shannahmcgill)

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The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.
—Sylvia Plath (via kari-shma)



I forgot that hail satan is not an acceptable phrase to express excitement

You hang out with the wrong people.

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